Authentic Spell For Eternal Love

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Before we go into the details of the Authentic Spell For Eternal Love, we need to understand what a love spell is and how it works. Read here.

Authentic Spell For Eternal Love

The major reason for a love spell is to bring love, harmony, joy, and peace between lovers and families in troubled/distressed relationships. you should note that the love spell is the safest of all spells because it is done for the good or the better of one’s happiness.

No matter what your love situation is, a love spell can fix your affection life the exact way you desire.

What Is The Authentic Spell For Eternal Love?

Those I have worked with and those following my work and articles well know that love spell is of different types for different relationship challenges. An eternal love spell is another kind of love spell that gives permanent results.

The eternal love spell is advised to be used by only the individual who is sure of what he/she wishes for because once it’s done it can’t be undone. This is because when an eternal love spell ritual is done, it involves loving eternal spell powers of the universe to bond the two loving souls together forever.

Who Should Cast A Spell For Eternal Love?

One must understand that an eternal love spell is not a simple spell(cant be done by anyone at home) since it’s not about writing on a piece of paper and burning. This spell involves eternal universal powers for love. This means that it can only be done by a powerful spell caster with such powers to make sure that the spell is rightly done with guaranteed desired results. For this kind of spell, what you wish for is what is directed during the spell rituals and so “it be”

Does All love spells work?

This is a common question that I find deserving to respond to all the time so that people aren’t misinformed. The quick answer is NO. WHY? Not All spells love spells work because of one simple reason.

Most home-done spells(simple spells) are not guaranteed to work. for example, writing on a piece of paper and burning with no spiritual powers involved. Some work but for a few and only those whose strong Aura is a bond to their souls and when the one the spell is being directed to has bad or weak Aura.

Casting Instructions for a simple ‘Together Forever Love Spell’

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On a full moon cast your circle. Light the three candles. Take the needle and thread and the two pictures. Place one picture next to the other. Whilst sewing the pictures together chant:

“Together forever
Till death do us part
One and the same
In that one heart
Love eternal
Love sublime
Love like no other
Till the end of time
This is my will so mote it be.”

Then drip the wax of the three candles onto the join between the two pictures. This will seal the two people together. If you want to end the love tear the pictures apart from one another and chant:

“Goodbye forever
That stray heart
Leave now apart”

[/lgc_column][lgc_column grid=”35″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A picture of the two people you want to fall in love
  • A white candle a red candle and a pink candle
  • A needle and thread


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