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Powerful Banishing Spells

These banishing spells can be used on a space to free it of unwanted entities such as ghosts or other spirits. They can be used on a person to free them from addiction, sickness, or negativity and also performed on objects.

Many objects retain connections to their prior owners or any of the energies that may have gotten attached to them over the years. Therefore, before charging an object with new energy, it is important to cleanse it first. A banishing that cleanses an object of unwanted energies is a cleansing, whereas a banishing that involves removing an unwanted spirit or entity from a person, is called an exorcism.

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In many spiritual practices, banishing helps rid our lives of negative energy and people causing disruptions. While some may question its ethics, our approach is about empowering individuals to take control of their spiritual journey.

Choose from a variety of proven methods tailored to your comfort level and desired outcomes. Our expertly crafted spells draw from years of experience, ancient wisdom, and folklore traditions, ensuring results that suit your needs.

Please note: Our spells are carefully crafted with respect for diverse beliefs and ethical practices. Your spiritual journey is unique, and our spells are designed to enhance, not compromise, your personal values.

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Powerful Banishing SpellsBanishing Spells That Work Fast

Giving Orders

If you want to get rid of a pesky spirit, sometimes the best way is to be direct. Just firmly tell it, “This isn’t your place anymore. It’s time to leave.” You can also add a kind farewell like, “We wish you well in your new home.” Often, this simple approach does the trick and solves your problems.

Elemental Banishing

Another common way to banish spirits is by using elements like fire or water. Fire can purify by destroying, while water is often used for cleansing in many religions. You can even make your own special water for rituals.

Salt is also handy for banishing. In some beliefs, it symbolizes earth and has been used for centuries to clear negative energy. Some use black salt, made from sea salt and charcoal, as a protective barrier.

Use fire to burn something representing what you want to get rid of, or bury it in the earth.

Rituals and Spells

Sometimes, banishing requires more than just salt and a command. If someone is harassing you, it might be time for a full banishing ritual. This typically involves:

  1. Naming the person you want to banish.
  2. Clearly stating what you want to happen. Instead of being vague like “Make Susan better,” say “Susan will stop harassing me.”
  3. Using something connected to the person, like a photo or personal item.
  4. Symbolism is key in magic, so use it to your advantage. You can freeze someone’s behavior by binding them, or reflect their negativity back at them. For example:
    • Bind someone’s hands metaphorically if they’re causing trouble. Try the tongue-binding spell for those spreading rumors about you.
    • Use a box with mirrors to send negativity back to the person harassing you.

To Get Someone to Leave You Alone

When you’re dealing with someone who won’t leave you alone, try these simple spells:

  1. Burn and Bury: Write their name on paper, burn it with a black candle to let go of their feelings towards you, then bury the remains where you see them most often.
  2. Chill Out Spell: Use this to help them calm down and move on.
  3. Balloon Banishing: Write their name on paper, put it in a balloon filled with helium, and release it into the sky.

The “Get Out of My Life” Poppet

This spell is for when you want them completely out of your life:

  1. Light black candles on each side of your workspace.
  2. Make a poppet out of any material, like cloth or wax, while expressing your dislike for them. Make sure to use a personal item to connect the poppet to them.
  3. If you’re in a rush, singe at the bottom of the poppet with the candles (but be careful not to start a fire!). Then bury it outside town or smash it if it’s made of clay. Let the candles burn down completely.

Voodoo chain banishing spells

The concept of this banishing spell is very simple, but you can adapt it to be a more complex ritual if you want to. The main act of magic will be the crafting of a Voodoo chain that represents the habit, situation, or relationship that you are looking to break free of and banish from your life.

Protection and Banishing Spells

Protect yourself from negative influences and energy! Protective magic, exorcism, spirit, and black magic liberation are among the most important services. Solicitation for these tweaked banishing spells to liberate you from antagonistic impacts and make a vigorous defensive shield and individual defensive special necklaces.

There are many rituals and spells, which deal with protection against negative influences and energies. It cleans the otherworldly space around you and ousts undesirable substances, which might hurt you.