Coyote Spells

Coyote Spells: Like the coyote that survives and thrives against all odds, these potent spells will instill in you the strength, luck, and success that you so dearly deserve.
A Coyote spell cast in your behalf:

  • Makes you alert to all that surrounds you.
  • Gives you the mental and physical capabilities to overcome all adversity, small and large.
  • Engulfs you with an aura of strength, cunning, and intelligence.
  • Alerts others to your new capabilities, your new powers.
  • Makes you more decisive, more sure of yourself.
  • Directs you to your true path in life.
  • Allows you to quickly adapt to new situations, to conquer all challenges, and to make wise decisions.

The moment your Coyote Spell is cast, these are the seven steps you will take:

1. Recognize change, problems, challenges.
2. Understand what has to be done.
3. Quickly adapt to a new situation.
4. Determine the strategy to emerge victoriously.
5. Easily overcome hurdles, roadblocks, difficult people.
6. Get to the finish line intact and strong.
7. Enjoy and relish the victory!

The following Coyote spells are designed to bring about quick and dramatic changes in your life: