Enchanting Love Spell

This spell with cause love to come naturally between you and the one you love, it wont bewitch the man/woman to be in a state of trance and have artificial feelings for you like others. It may take three days or a period of months.


Casting Instructions for ‘Enchanting Love Spell’

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Casting Instructions for Enchanting Love Spell. Get all your ingredients together before you start, and memorize the chants you are going to need to do. Don’t do this spell with any screen in front of you, memorize the chants to the point where they flow out of you, forgetting apart and redoing it could lead to the spell not working, this is advanced,

NOT for the faint-hearted. Note- you will need to do this in a very large space Note- you will be working while INSIDE your heartagram, so be careful not to knock anything over, while in the middle of the spell you will be sitting in rose petals BEFORE YOU START! Cast a spell to clear the air or use incense Before you do anything, summon your guardian(s) to watch over you.

Put all your ingredients organized around you (all flowers should be fresh) Take your white chalk and draw a large heartagram, look it up if you don’t know what it is but it’s very simple. Do not draw it with you inside and do not step inside at any time. Chant:

“Heartagram, its loveI seek, if i dont get itI shall weep. My heart is pure, as is this romance, but please dont put him/her in a trance. This love is true, so mote it be, ifI love you, and he love me.”

Cast a simple protection spell around your heartagram than step inside, I have a short simple one and I will put the link on the bottom. Take your red chalk and color in the inside of the circle of your heartagram, not the triangle or heart. Then take your pink chalk and color in the heart, not the triangle which is the middle section. Take your white chalk and color the triangle white.

Your heartagram should be red, pink, white. Representing, Love, Romance, and trust. Take your pink roses and take out all the petals, sprinkle them evenly around your heartagram. Put your Red candles on the sections where the red chalk lines, top, right, left, bottom left, bottom right. If you did the coloring correctly this should make sense XD Put your pink candles where the pink chalk is and finally put your single white candle in the center where you filled in white chalk.

Take one red rose and take out the petals and sprinkle them around your white candle, the petals should stay in the center. As soon as your clock hits 12:00 at night turn off the lights and strike a match, light your white candle. Then light the pink ones, then the red ones.Enchanting Love Spell

Now, gather all of your stones together. Pair them like this: Rose Quartz+ Chrysocolla (To stabilize a rocky relationship) Rose Quartz+ Chrysoprase (To overcome jealousy) Rose Quartz+ Peridot or Azurite (To open yourself to new experiences) Rose Quartz + Imperial Topaz or Citrine (To overcome fear or apprehension associated with matters of the heart)

NOTE- You may not feel these now but later in the relationship, they may occur. It will help stabilize the romance later on. Keep them paired and put them around the heartagram behind the rose petals, evenly spaced from each other. Then put your crystal quartz under your white candle and your bamboo stick over it, take your two basil leaves, and put them with the tip facing up on the right and left side of your candle.

Take your cinnamon sticks and arrange them around the white candle, bamboo stick, basil, and crystal in a square, none of the corners should touch. Put the Honeysuckle Blossoms in between where the corners of the cinnamon sticks would touch. It should remain in a square. Chant:

“May these items receive my blessing, binding together with pure love, with truth from the feather of this white dove.”

Put the white dove’s feather over the flame and let the middle catch fire, then put it out. By now you should have some melted wax pooled by the wick. Take your rosemary sticks and one at a time dip the end in the wax, stick it into the white candle, then do the same with the other, it should look like the rosemary is growing out of the candle. Chant:

“As this rosemary grows, his love for me will begin to show. Although we’ll take it slow, everyone will know, that we are not alone.”

Take your lavender and put it around your heartagram, put each one over where there’s a gap between the stones you’ve already put down. The lavender should look like it’s “sprouting” up. Take your lemon zest and sprinkle it over the outer pink rose petals. (NOTE- all the plants you have been using help bring love) Put your jasmine flowers around the heart of your heartagram and say, “may our love be as pure, innocent, and sweet as the flowers before me”. Take your mini yellow roses and put them in a triangle around your cinnamon sticks.

Now take your parchment and quill, write the person’s full name at the top than below that list all the qualities you like about them and how that person makes you feel. on the right side draw a heartagram and write the person’s initials in the middle. At the very bottom write a poem for them, it doesn’t have to rhyme and you don’t even need to be good. Just say how the person makes you happy, how they make you smile, how love is blossoming, and things like that. Let the words come from your heart.

Drip some red wax on the picture of your loved one and press it under the heartagram you drew. Then drip some red wax on the corner of the parchment, wait for it to BARELY harden then press your lips onto it so it is literally, “sealed with a kiss”. Write, “Blessed be” very small under your lip mark. If you have perfume, spray it on lightly, two to three squirts. Put the bottle far back as to not make the parchment stain or get wet.

Put your last red rose on one side of your parchment and roll it up like a scroll, wrap your PINK yarn around it horizontally and tie it so it stays together, the parchment should be tight enough to hold the rose in place. Take your RED yarn and wrap it around vertically going over the rose (the rose shouldn’t stick out too much from the parchment) alternate sides while wrapping, when the yarn is half gone put your watermelon tourmaline in the center of the parchment on the OUTSIDE and continue wrapping the yarn so the stone stays in place. Chant:

“Aphrodite, Goddess of love, With your power so mighty, Make my dreams become a reality. I love (their name) so much, with all my heart, even though we may part. Dripping wax to seal our fate, I’m the one (him/her) shall not hate. With this candle, I do bind, with this single drop, (he/she) will be mine.”

Drip a single drop of red wax on the parchment and let it drip down the side. Sealing what you’ve done. Set your parchment by your white candle. Cut open your heartagram and walk out, Start slowly walking around your heartagram three times and say, “Sugar Sweet, Candy Apple, Everything that’s good and fine. Warm hugs, soft lips, If my heart is pure, guardians, give me a sign.”

Throw your white sugar over your heartagram, if your gaurdians give you any sign that your love is true then you’ve done the spell correctly if you have no sign you’ve done it wrong or your love is hateful. Walk back into your heartagram and close it. Take your orchid and gently peel off the petals. Set the petals over all your candles but the white one, putting out the flame. Pick up the white candle and say loudly:

“With this one flame, our hearts will burn the fire of love! So mote it be!!”

Blow out the candle Blessed Be

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