Female Breast Enhancement Lotion

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Casting Instructions for ‘Female Breast Enhancement Lotion’

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Grind the rose petals up with the mortar & pestle. Add the oil (approximately a handful) and mix well. Gently rub the mixture into your breasts, similar to the way a Female Deer Breast Massage is done (Google “Female Deer Breast Massage” if you don’t know how it’s done.)

Do this twice a day for 20 minutes. It’s suggested to do this for two months for one cup size because the first month you will show signs of swelling but if you don’t keep it up in the second month the swelling will go away. You have to keep doing it for a second month for it to be permanent.

If you want to grow more than one size up just keep doing it for more than two months. If the massage makes you horny, this is a good sign that you will grow faster than the required two months.

[/lgc_column][lgc_column grid=”35″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Rose petals
  • Lavender oil (coconut oil or flax seed oil can work too)
  • Mortar & pestle