Invoking Love

Crystals can be used in ritual; here is an example using rose quartz.


Casting Instructions for ‘Invoking Love’

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Place your crystals and 4 candles on a table covered with a silk tablecloth. Place one candle in each direction (North, South, East, and West). Welcoming the spirits of each direction as you light each candle. Ask that these spirits act as guardians and keep you safe

Take your rose quartz crystals into your hands and sit facing your table (if the are large do one at a time). Close your eyes and quietly attune to the crystals. Let their energy flow through your hands, up in your arms and finally into your heart. As the energy reaches your heart, feel it open and expand. Touch the crystals to your heart. Let your heart be purified by the energies of the crystals.

Then say out loud ” I am a magnet for love. I welcome love into my heart” place the crystal around the amethyst on the table and say loudly “and love into my life”. Sit quietly with your eyes focused on the crystals. When you are ready to complete the ritual,blow out each candle in turn, saying “I send your light and love into the world.” Either leave the crystals on the table or place them arond your bed.

[/lgc_column][lgc_column grid=”35″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 4 rose quartz
  • 1 large amethyst
  • 4 candles (any color)
  • 4 candleholders
  • 1 silk tablecloth