Poppet Magick (Return to Me)

As the title states (be sure this is what you really want; not for the faint at heart)


Casting Instructions for ‘Poppet Magick (Return to Me)’

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1. Create your sacred working space.

2. Have all the tools to create the poppet. (You will not need the candle, nail, and matches at this time.)

3. Begin cutting the t-shirt. You will not be making gingerbread-style dolls. Simply cut out the entire back side of the tee then cut it in half.

3. Lay a piece flat, leave a few inches from the top and begin placing cotton balls to create the body. (e.g. 1 for the head, 2 for the chest add 2 more on top for boobs), 2 for each arm and leg, however many are needed to complete the torso and hips, etc.)

4. Roll the top piece over the head, tie a piece of string (around the neck) and state, “With this string, the head is created.”

5. Repeat step 4 for each body part. HOWEVER, when you are working the torso, be sure to add the herbs before closing this section. ALSO, make sure your hair only goes in the target doll!

6. Repeat steps 1-4 for the second poppet. Use the rest of the herbs in the poppet.

7. Baptize the dolls in their name. e.g. “I baptize you in the name of (target/your name). Your mind is his/her/my mind. Your eyes are his/her/my eyes. Your ears are his/her/my ears. Your mouth is his/her/my mouth. All that is spoken and done to you is binding IN PERPETUUM!”

8. Take the target doll and picture. Bring yourself to orgasm. Rub your juices all over the doll and on the image (over the target only). Women: also take your menses and place on the target s well as the private area of the poppet.

9. Take the 13 pins and bind accordingly (a pin for each):
“With this pin, I bind your mind, (target name). Your thoughts are my thoughts!”

“With this pin, I bind your mouth, (target’s full name). Your words are my words!”

“With these p”ins, I bind your eyes, (target’s full name). Your visions are my visions!

“With these pins, I bind your ears, (target’s full name). You hear what I choose for you to hear!”

“With this pin, I bind your heart, (target’s full name). Your love only belongs to me!”

“With this pin, I bind your (insert your preferred word for the private area), (Target name). You only desire my sex; my touch; my pleasure!”

* Repeat the last statement for the anus (if that is your thing)

“With these pins, I bind your feet, (target’s full name). Your direction is always towards me!”

“With these pins, I bind your hands, (target’s full name). Your only desire is to hold me!”

10. Place the picture in-between the 2 poppets (facing the target), and begin binding with the 12″ ribbon. Ensure the Xs (the way the ribbon crosses) are on the target poppet to “mark it”.

11. Inscribe the candle with your name and DOB, the target’s full name and DOB (if you know it), and the words, IN PERPETUUM. Coat the candle in your sexual juices and place in holder.

12. Light the candle.

13. Hold the dolls, and repeat (for 9 minutes), “(target’s full name), I command you to return to (your name) without delay. Hear me now; do as I say!” (Make sure you are feelin’ these words!)

14. When done, extinguish the candle (do not blow it out).

15. Place the dolls in a safe place, like an old shoe, bind with the 24″ ribbon until ready to use again.

16. Repeat steps 13 and 14 for 9 consecutive days (same time preferably).

17. When complete, keep the dolls tucked away where they will not be disturbed.

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