Telepathic Messages

Telepathic Messages

Here is your opportunity to have a skilled telepathic work in your behalf.

Do you wish to transmit an important message to another person but have thus far been unable to do it successfully? Perhaps you should consider making contact through a powerful medium that is skilled in the art of mental telepathy.

Penetrate the Heart and Mind of the One You Love!

You can send a message of love or desire or forgiveness. You can send a message to the one who is ignoring you or is upset with you. Or perhaps you wish to send a message to someone who doesn’t even know you exist.

Napoleon’s Mind-messages

The gift of Mental Telepathy has existed throughout the ages. The famous writer Upton Sinclair frequently mentioned his wife’s unique ability to recreate the drawings he was making some distance away. Mark Twain wrote about his numerous encounters with ESP. And Napoleon boasted about his telepathic gifts that enabled him to transmit “mind-messages” to his field generals.

Send a Telepathic Message, if:

  • You are in distress and wish to implant your message deep within the psyche of another.
  • You are an impatient soul who won’t rest until you have explored every avenue.
  • You are being “shut out” by someone who refuses to listen to your pleas.

If you have never experienced a telepathic message sent in your behalf, prepare yourself for an extraordinary out-of-this-world experience.

Take a look at the following Telepathic Messages and see which one best suits you: