The Curse of Ashton

This particular curse doesn’t work on just anybody, but only on those dark people, like those who can easily act normal after the death of a person, and laugh it off without caring. Those who have selfish desire, and false pity.


Casting Instructions for ‘The Curse of Ashton’

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If you followed any of the second ingredients, then listen closely. If you have not, then skip to the next paragraph. Don’t bother with this, considering you may only use this curse once a year, but with the pentagram, you may only use this curse once a year always at the same time. Do not mess up on a single step and then perform this or you will get yourself hurt. Begin with the circle, color it black, and the star within will be red, then color in the empty spaces black as well. This must not be done on paper, only on ground, with a very strong paint. Do not get a single bit of the paint on any of the other paint, or you’ll have to start over. Now, put the candles in, it’s best to put the candles on them before you fill in the empty spaces, that way you don’t accidentally put them somewhere else. Don’t get paint on the candles.

Now, if you’re ready, then it’s time to begin. Go to the next paragraph if you didn’t use the pentagram, and use the one after it if you did.

This curse, without the pentagram, is something you can take with you. It must be night, with the full moon shining at 12:00 A.M. Look straight into the moon, and focus. Imagine the person you want to curse, and I don’t mean their body, I mean fully imagine them. Imagine them, helplessly lying on the ground as you look down at them with a wicked smile. Then you’ll say the curse with a slur amd a strong voice, don’t chant it.
“Hear me now, as I beg and plead, this dark one’s heart has caused mine to bleed. I wish for them at a cost close to free, for their hell to come eternally. The suffering they cause will soon so closely end, as their hopes and dreams slowly descend. Karma, Coma, Pain, Deathly Ill, and Death itself. This curse is what only I can heal and no one else. I finish my curse to say like you so sick, let your evil destroy you so dark and so quick.”

If performed with a pentagram, you’re taking a bigger risk, but can only be performed at the certain time. This must be performed at night, no moon can be in the sky, and you must be alone in a dark, empty room. You can use a flashlight to set up the pentagram and put candles down, but then you can no longer use any other light sources besides a phone which you’ll need. You must perform this exactly at 3:33 A.M. at the 33rd second of the 3rd day in the 3rd month. After everything is set up, use some sort of clock (phone recommended for dark setting) and prepare for the time. When the time comes, say the curse exactly how you would without using the pentagram. Except, you’ll add this at the end.
“The devil’s curse is hell, from this I will make you scream and yell.”
What makes this more accurate, is that you’re playing with your life with this, and for that, demons are likely to help you get this done.

With this, I’m done explaining. Enjoy this while you can, because you’ll notice the DANGEROUS results in performing this curse.

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