The Wishmaker

Studies at the University of Leningrad reveal that a “telepathic can definitely cause drastic changes in a person’s brain-wave patterns.”

Researchers from the Maimonodes Institute have determined that a gifted psychic can influence the will of another person, even when situated in a distant location.

The conclusion: a skilled telepathic may cause an individual to change the way he thinks and the way he acts — no matter where he is located. The most accomplished of these telepathics are known as Wish Makers.

We are fortunate to have a gifted telepathic–a Wish Maker–on our staff.

He is willing to bring your dream to reality, to make your wish come true. Upon receiving your order, he will “see” beyond the horizon all the way into your life. All you have to do is make a wish – any wish you like.

So if you’re down on your luck and need a break, if your finances need a boost or a relationship needs mending, turn to the Wish Maker. And allow this gifted telepathic to put his extraordinary powers to work for you.

“What a success!!! I made a wish to sell my house and the wish was to be
made on a certain day. The wish came true within 24 hours after the wish
was made because we now have a contract on the house to sell. I became a
true believer in the wishmaker. Thanks so much for the help!”

E. Shaw
Rifle, CO