White Magic Spell to Bring About Justice/Karma

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Casting Instructions for ‘White Magic Spell to Bring About Justice/Karma’

[lgc_column grid=”65″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]Spell to Bring About Justice/Karma (white magic)

Moon: Wayning
Days: 8 Days starting on a Saturday at Midnight and ending on Sunday at Midnight.
Colors: Black Candle
Herbs: Anemone, Salt
Angles: Michael
Solar System: Saturn

We are using a Black Candle to deal with bringing about justice, karma, and truth. Saturday is in correspondence with Saturn and lends power to justice, and karma. The number eight lends power to binding, justice, and karma. The time of midnight corresponds with revenge. The angle Michael is invoked to bring about justice. The herbs Anemone deal with karma and salt is of the earth.[/lgc_column][lgc_column grid=”35″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Black Candle
  • Herbs: Anemone, Salt (use as incense)