Witchcraft Spells

Prof Eric Galandi 22 Mar , 2019

Witchcraft has been practiced all over the World, in one form or another, for thousands of years, but is witchcraft real? Deciding if something is real or not requires evidence and facts, but as Witchcraft is a religion nowadays, it could also be argued that belief itself is enough to make it real. I will outline the more common points of view and present some facts on this page.

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Witchcraft is a form of magic that comes in many different forms and practices, the most common form, however, is the religion known as Wicca. Wicca is a neo-pagan religion that is based on earth and nature-based beliefs, unlike most other religions. Wiccans revere and worship the earth and believe in the divinity of all its creation. They do everything to protect and maintain natural and its creations, contrary to our beliefs that they only exude harm and evil onto the earth. In fact, Wicca Witchcraft is such a peaceful and pure religion and those who practice this religion and witchcraft are known as witches. Magic is simply a part of Wicca, and Wiccans can do without it. Just like any ritual in any other religion.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re being bombarded by negativity from many different sources, this is just the witchcraft protection spell you’re looking for! Within a day or two of casting this protection spell, most people begin to notice a growing feeling of safety and security that actually seems to be emanating from them. They feel it filling a space that extends to about ten feet all around their body with a shimmering white protective light that they can’t quite see with their physical eyes, but they are aware of it within their mind’s eye. Each day they notice it growing stronger and more powerful, keeping all negative influences at bay, no matter who might be sending it!

What is witchcraft? Most simply, it is a practice that seeks to harness the powers of the mind and the world around in order to affect change in the physical and spiritual realm. There are many different kinds of witchcraft and many different methods used. But there is one common theme: witchcraft itself has no dogma or rules. It is for each individual witch or sorcerer to decide what their moral compass is and what they believe in. Should they decide to ascribe to religion or Wicca, then the spell casting they engage in will have to follow certain rules. But absent that, anything goes so long a witch is ready to accept the consequences fully.

Witchcraft spells to defeat a rival

A rival could cause irreparable harm to you if not dealt with. Don’t give your rival the opportunity to strike first. Witchcraft is particularly powerful and useful when you have nowhere else to turn. An Evil Force Could Be Responsible for Your Bad Fortune! Let us try and cast this negative force out of your life.

Witchcraft protection spells

Witchcraft could also be used for protection for ourselves, our friends, family, loved ones, our home, travel, employment, money, health, pets, and the numerous other people or things we hold dear.

Witchcraft spells could be used to solve relationship problems, hex removal for a curse, jinx, bad luck, bad karma caused by black magic, witchcraft, evil spells or forces.