Relationship Knot Tie Spell

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Casting Instructions for ‘Relationship Knot Tie Spell’

Cast a strong spell with antiquated knot magic that has been around for a really long time. With a length of string, strip, rope, or whatever can be tied, you can quickly make magic work for you, whether to enchant new love into your life, change your fortune, or manifest your dreams. You’ll learn not only the best way to cast a spell but also the best time to perform the spell to ensure success. Become a master knot maker as your spells take root.

Enhance your magic and knowledge as you bring positive energy into your life.

Relationship Knot Tie Spell


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Tie the three strings together. Now bless the cord with a consecration or essential oil, preferably one with a love intention.

Next, begin to tie your knots. Tie two strings together. Think about the strengthening bond of the relationship. Think upon the shared blessings within the relationship. Next, tie the strings again making sure to use the string that has not yet been tied.

When finished, light a white or pink candle and pour the wax onto your knot to seal it. This symbolizes the sealed bond with another.

Tie your knots when you wish to strengthen a bond.

This can as well be used for friendship and family.

When the cord is completely knotted, keep it in a romantic area for lovers.

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  • 3 strings
  • Consecration oil, or rose essential oil, jasmine can be exchanged for rose
  • White or pink candle wax