Powerful Love Spell

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Casting Instructions for ‘Powerful Love Spell’

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On the night when the moon is its fullest, go outside and gather some rose petals, bring them in-side your house, and wash the petals thoroughly under cold running water. Then start a hot bath, put the rose petals in the tub, get in, and while you are relaxing, focus on the person whom you want to obtain love from.
After you get out, dress in all pink or red if possible and gather the supplies listed if you haven’t already.
Now spend at least One hour in meditation to keep your thoughts from scattering.
Now gather a handful of cinnamon and visualize you are drawing up energy from the earth and infusing the cinnamon with the earth’s energy. While doing this, chant:

“Cinnamon mighty herb of lust,
I call upon you, into you I put my trust,
To bring (First name Last name) to me now
Love and lust is your vow.”

Say as many times as you need.
Now set the cinnamon aside, and anoint the pink candle with the olive oil. Put one hand on the top of the candle and the other at the base, and in a circular motion, move inwards, while doing so visualize yourself and “The victim to be” doing what you wish while chanting:

“(First and Last name) coming to me now.”

After the candle is saturated in the olive oil, roll the candle in the cinnamon, and place the candle on your altar.
Cast circle, call quarters, light incense, and call the Goddess and God into the circle.
Then, with the pink writing utensil take the photo, and write your name and the desired person’s name on the back of the picture, and draw a heart abound the 2 names.
Close your eyes, and visualize you and the victim to be doing what you wish and chant.

“(first name, Last name) come to me, fulfill my desire successfully, love and lust between you and I, love is what I seek from you, the limit is the sky,
So mote it be!”

Kiss the photo 3 times and set it aside, then take the pink quartz and press it firmly between your brow (Where your third eye is) and start you and your lover to be doing what you wish while you chant as fast as you can:

“(First name, Last name) I beg of you come to me, as I will,

Chant this as fast as you can until you feel the quartz starting to pulse. Then kiss the pink quartz 3 times.
Dismiss the Gods, release the quarters, take down circle. Place the photo of the desired person in your pillowcase, and let the pink quarts be exposed to the light of the full moon for the rest of the night. (THIS IS A MUST!)
On the next day, give the pink quartz to the person whom you love.
Now if you don’t want to give away your pink quartz, keep it on you for the next 3 weeks.
And your spell will come true.

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